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Look At Tellys 30 Years Ago

The Story of Telly’s Charburgers

Telly's opened way back in July of 1990. Owned and operated by Cynthia Koutes-Hardy. When we opened our doors, we never in our wildest dreams could have imagined how this community would open their arms to us. Our customers have become our friends and a part of our family which makes us feel truly blessed. Looking back at the good old days when Telly's hosted it's Cruise Nights , we fondly remember the way the community came together to enjoy a nostalgic evening from an era gone by. Such great times were had by all. Everyone loved doing the "Hokey Pokey", dancing "The Stroll", even the hula hoop contests with trophies for the kids. We will never forget Harry and Ginger appointing judges, passing out dash plaques, and trophies for the classic cars that people would bring to the show.


Those beautiful cars will always be remembered as a part of Telly's. The current landlord had decided not to renew our lease. So now, after 29 years and with a somewhat heavy heart we were forced to close our doors on Bouquet Canyon the 3rd week of March in 2019. There was several months before we completed our new restaurant as the construction was just getting started in the middle of the pandemic, but we were looking forward to this next chapter of the Telly's story. "Lost in the 50's, found in the 90's, and tuned up in 2020! " Just a mile or so away, our new restaurant now will be run and operated by mother daughter team Cynthia Koutes – Hardy and Nikoleta Koutes.


With a larger modern kitchen, and improved drive thru. We will also have a mobile app and online ordering to provide more ways to quickly pick up your to go orders of Telly's made to order fresh food. There is a bar inside serving beer and wine it seats 7 people.  Telly's will also be featuring in desserts all made in house from scratch. We hope everyone will enjoy this new location as much as we do!


How It Started

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